Areas of Practice

Canadian passport

Immigration to Canada

Our main area of practice is the field of Immigration Law.
Our legal team offers services regarding all immigration process for Canada, in particular:

  • All Visas (Study, Work, Sponsorships, Etc.)
  • Revocation of citizenship, Permanent residency, and refugee status
  • Extradition from and to Canada
  • Assistance to Canadians in situation of emergency abroad
British passport

Immigration to Turks and Caicos

The investment and permanent residency program to the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British colony, allows citizens of the world to obtain permanent residency from Turks and Caicos, British citizenship as well as British passports.

We offer legal support during the immigration, and investment process. The permanent residency in Turks and Caicos facilitates the travels of businessmen over a hundred of countries across the globe.

By investing in Turks and Caicos, you also ensure a stable source of income.

Hammer and Handcuffs

Penal and Criminal Law

Our attorneys also practice in Canadian penal, and criminal law by representing clients nationally and internationally. The right to an attorney is a Constitutional right and we ensure that everyone accused of a crime receives legal services.

Our services include legal representation for all Canadian criminal acts and accusations in Canada or abroad, for Canadian citizens and foreign nationals.

We also offer services for all consequences of criminal acts on non-Canadian citizens and Assistance to Canadians detained outside of Canada.

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